Chicago Underground Blues Experience

About Us

CUBE was dreamt up by John Joven and Ruby Red back in 2006. The CUBE team consists of six dedicated dancers: Shoshi Krieger, Heather Merrell, Jamison Valenta, John Joven, Will Newby, and Ruby Red. We are grateful for additional help from a number of local dancers including: Lydia Breen - the curator of Lydia's List, as well as the work of previous years' CUBE members.

Contact Us

If you need info or help, email us at info at Put something Blues related in the Subject header. This is an email address that we actually check daily. If you have a CUBE related emergency, you can TEXT the CUBE central number at: (773) 669-5196. This phone can receive texts and voicemails at any hour, but will be shut off when the CUBE organizers are sleeping. We'll be sure to call or text you back as soon as possible!

Please don't post personal problems or questions on our facebook wall, @ our twitter account, or to our personal facebook inboxes. Thanks for understanding.